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Need tips or advice on how to deal with stress or gain more self-confidence? Want to feel better about yourself, and in your own skin? I got you covered with my latest blog posts:

Imposter Buster! A Short Guide

Imposter Syndrome can be a huge thing for many people. In fact, somewhere between 9% to 82% of ALL people experience feeling like an imposter or fraud at some point during their lives. (These numbers vary greatly, depending on the types of people participating in the scientific studies.) So that is AT LEAST 1 in …

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Build A Biz as an Introvert without Overwhelm

Setting up a business is a challenge for most people already… and for introverted entrepreneurs, it can be pretty darn overwhelming from time to time.   There’s so many things to think about: Who is my ideal, magically aligned customer or client? Where can I find those people? What shall I name my business? What …

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