A good blend of introverted core plus extraverted outings – mix that with a big dollop of highly sensitiveness and a pinch of ADD… that’s Jamila!

As a 33-year-old Dutch psychologist, Jamila has been dealing with the challenges of her introverted nature combined with severe perfectionism since childhood. At the age of 26, after reaching burn out she decided it was time to turn things around: she found effective ways to deal with her fears, her chronic overthinking and perfectionistic tendencies and now uses her introverted superpowers to help other introverted women all over the globe gain more self-confidence, self-love and acceptance. And to LET GO.

While busy running a full-time private practice as a licensed psychologist, Jamila loves putting on her ‘creative hat’ to design and build new innovative tools for her clients to use to think outside of the box.

This also reflects in her approach towards her clients: finding solutions and tools that match the mind and life of the person sitting in front of her. Her coaching tools are based upon scientific research and years of practical experience. And yet they are unique and in a sense quite playful.

Jamila’s motto is: ‘Life is hard enough at times – it’s up to us to make it more fun!’