Setting up a business is a challenge for most people already… and for introverted entrepreneurs, it can be pretty darn overwhelming from time to time.


There’s so many things to think about:

  • Who is my ideal, magically aligned customer or client?
  • Where can I find those people?
  • What shall I name my business?
  • What does my competition do (and is there any competition at all)?
  • What should my branding look like (logo, colours etc.)
  • Do I do Social Media for my business? And if so, should I go with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…?

You get the whole idea… 

Soooo many questions! It’s like 1001 Entrepreneurial Nights… LOL.

So tiring and frustrating.

When you’re just starting out as an (online) entrepreneur, unfortunately these things are part of running a business from scratch. Whether you like these tasks or not. You have to build the right foundation. And foundations are sometimes a bit… boring. (Even I can’t make this part more magical…)

Things can easily get overwhelming, too. 

Which is why I decided to write this quick guide for you. So if you’re just starting out (or you want to revamp your current business and start over with a strong foundation) then this is the guide for you.


Building a Biz Without Overwhelm: A Quick Guide

Step 1: Know what your Starting Point is

If you don’t know where you are at right now, then you cannot know how you’re going to get where you want to be. You need to know your current location, in order to find Neverland and fly away, right?!

These things are the most important:

  • Am I crystal clear on my audience? Who do I serve?
  • Do I know what I have to offer to them? What skills and experiences do I have?
  • Do I also truly know what my audience wants? (Not what they NEED.) And hey: if you don’t, go find out!
  • What is my message? It is crystal clear?
  • Is there competition in my field of expertise? Are there any businesses similar to mine? (It’s a good sign if there are, because it validates your business idea.)
  • Do I know what I want to offer – services, products, online or offline?
  • At what price point do I want to sell?
  • Am I clear on my branding (logo, colours etc.)?
  • Do I want to be on Social Media, and if so: which platform should I choose?
  • What business skills do I have – and what do I still need to learn (or outsource)? 

Oftentimes when entrepreneurs aren’t successful in their businesses, it’s because they don’t have this foundation right yet. Every puzzle piece needs to be in the right place. Ya can’t build a house on a sloppy, unstable foundation, right? 


Step 2: Divide and conquer!

But in a good way 😉 Grab alll those tasks, throw ’em on a big pile. And try to organise them into categories. If you’re anything like me (which is a creative, hot chaotic mess at times), then it’s good to declutter your brain a bit!

Use the ABCDE-method to organise your tasks and declutter your brain and your calendar. This method goes as follows:

A = Your top one priorities of the day. In this category, you put the most important tasks. Things that, if you don’t do them, the world is going to blow up!!! (OK, not really.) These are probably the least fun tasks… I know, I know. But hold on: what does it give you, when you do them…?

B = In category B there are tasks that have minor consequences if you don’t do them. For example, answering your email. People don’t drop dead to the floor if you don’t answer them for one day…

C = Category C tasks are usually things that are fun to do. And they don’t have consequences if you don’t do them. For example: buying gifts for Christmas when it’s September, or ordering new plants for your garden. 

D = These are tasks that you could – and should oftentimes -delegate. They take up way too much of your time, and these tasks are probably not in your zone of genius anyways. If you can’t outsource them though, maybe you can find other creative ways to do less of these…?

E = Woohoo! Category E tasks are exhilarating as f*ck because they can be instantly wiped from your memory. No need to do these things. At all. These tasks might be things that you’ve been putting off for ages. If it doesn’t have any consequences if you don’t do it, it’s not important and it can’t be delegated: do you really need to do it?


Step 3: Build Connections

Now – generally speaking – you should be focusing on building connection first and foremost. A LOT of other business-related tasks don’t really matter, compared to focusing on connection. I mean: you can create a course, record videos, set up a podcast and build yourself a website… but what does it matter if you don’t have an audience? We need those raving fans in our entrepreneurial lives, right?

Connections are EVERYTHING. For a lot of us introverts, this part is the most exhausting as well (even though for some it may be fun to talk to people, especially on a deeper level). So make 100% sure you focus on this if you have little time to spend on your business!


Step 4: Get Super-duper-clear on your Goals

Personally, I hate setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method… and so I don’t 😉 F*ck that lol. BUT: it IS indeed important to make your goals as tangible and concrete as possible. For example: ‘I want to earn 100k in revenue in 2022 by selling at least 20 High-ticket programs’ is way more clear than ‘I want more financial freedom’. 

So grab your wishes (‘more freedom’, ‘more peace of mind’, ‘no stress’, ‘no overwhelm’ etcetera) and make them tangible. What does your life LOOK and FEEL like, when you achieve those goals? What does ‘having no stress’ mean to you?

Make sure to set yourself some short term AND long term goals – break it up into several years. Don’t forget to reward yourself for achieving your goals, too! Celebrate big time!!


Overall: Ban the Overwhelm from your Business!

Being an introvert, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our brains need a bit longer to process information and stimuli, compared to extroverted brains. Which means that our ‘stimuli-tax’ is reached faster. Therefore, we need more down-time to be able to fully empty our buckets. 

Actually, we also tend to overwhelm ourselves every now and again. (Yikes!)

Yup. More so than we often realise.

Being introverts we tend to overthink, overanalyse, overcompensate a lot. 

To tackle this, try to harness the magical powers of meditation and mindfulness. It’ll put your brain more at ease, more into the here-and-now (instead of in the past or in the future). Meaning it’ll get easier to let go of your worries and your strife. Learning to look only at the ‘bear necessities of life’ really does help 😉 


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